Being Average is OK

Sorry for not posting in a long time, but as I said in my previous post, I really didn’t feel like it.

So What has brought me back? Well first it was a semi-good topic, ad second I had nothing better to do, and here I am.

Why is the topic average-ness? because I’m average, I have an above average IQ, height, and thinness, but I never really excelled in anything I did, just average. 3.57 GPA, not many friends, but still have a social life; sometimes I exercise, but not regularly. This makes me average, and I’m OK with that. Lots of successful people have achieved success in one moment of awesomeness, while the rest of the time before that they were just average.

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What is fun

So, I haven’t post in two weeks, and you know why? because I’m not as creative or spontaneous as I’d like to be. This means that I didn’t know what to write about until yesterday.

Yesterday I was watching a video on YouTube, and this guy was talking about his YouTube life and how it affected his real life, and how he posted videos whenever he wanted because it was fun, and when something is fun you tend to make the best of it, you edit things right, you put a great amount of effort to make things look nice and sound nice. But that’s not me with this blog, at first it was, but now it just seems like an assignment I have to do for college every week, and thus making me feel like this is work, and I don’t like that feeling.

So, what to do here? It’s not like I have a huge amount of people who see my posts regularly, and the number hasn’t increased much in the 10 months I’ve been doing this. Going back to the video he was also talking about subscribers as a measure of success, and he thought that having lots of subscribers was nice to boost his ego, but this measure has a limit, or an ‘enough’ place to stop, mine hasn’t gotten quite where I want to be, and I’m not planing in lowering my expectations any time soon, but I’d like to have something to write that people like, and appreciate, because (i think) everything I’ve written so far has received a very poor response, and this makes me sad, especially since the first day I started doing this I had 30 visits, record that I haven’t reached or surpassed yet.

Like i said, doing this with no ideas has become cumbersome, boring and feels like an assignment, and I don’t want to feel like that, I was doing this to contribute with quality content for the interwebs, and it seems I have not approached this in a way that will complete my objective. What to do now? I ask myself, what to write about? still hasn’t come to me, and many other questions that linger in my mind. I’d like to ask other bloggers, or writers what do they do to not feel like I do about writing, about contributing, and so on.

If any of my readers would like to post a response about this, feel free to do so, maybe I will find what I’m looking for there, who knows, right?

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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Humm i don’t know hoy to put this but this wekkend I can’t post, been busy, and stuff… Extra Extra long post next week I promise

Wait a moment

I will post on Monday cause’ I don’t have any time to post tomorrow, and I’m too tired right now to think of something…

Open the valves

Hello, and welcome back.

So yesterday I heard valve was going to release a gaming console and I was like: WHAAAT!!!!, but then I was like: I DON’T PLAY WITH CONSOLES ANYMORE!, and then I kept reading the article.

So Valve making consoles, huh? this sounds like a plunge in a very competed market, fighting against Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo for a spot in the big leagues, it looks like Gabe Newell wants more money…

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A Quickie

Try Elmer or Redneck…

Let’s talk game


Today’s (late) post is about videogames (surprise surprise!), but not about a specific game, but about the making of one, and why we need to do to support the people that make them, especially if you are a gamer like me.

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Some more time-wasters

My brain doesn’t have any idea what to post, so I’ll just post some fillers to set the mood

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Lazy me, lazy me…

Hi, minuscule post to say: Do not fret! I shall return to my usual schedule (if it could be named that), tomorrow.

Ponder on this meanwhile:

Thinking with portals

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of: “I was to lazy to make a post on Saturday, so I’m making it on Sunday”, so yeah… Moving on.

Today I’m going to talk about one of the greatest games I’ve ever played: Portal 2.

What’s so great about this game? well, the story is pretty good, and the characters are equally great: Wheatly and GLaDOS and the bird and the potatoes, this is great!

So, what brings this game to collation today, well, the first thing is that I was playing it yesterday, and the second thing is that as I was playing it I thought: “what if I put this in my blog?”, and I’m doing just that.

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